You Order We Drive Express Delivery System is a hyper local delivery service continue doing your household chores while we shop for you or Even sitting in the office place an order with the selective timeslot.

Our base of operations is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and are currently catering to the people of Saskatoon, to begin with. Our premium quality service makes shopping simple for you; one that allows you to get all the essentials from home and without breaking a sweat.

Our trusted driver will head to the store to get everything you ordered and then they will deliver them to you. Expect an assured, quick delivery service as we only hire the smoothest drivers who are fully acquainted with the locality.

Our business caters to both parties as we acquaint our users to the stores. This also promotes all the local stores, increasing their usual sales and allowing everyone to connect. We provide the store owners with personal profiles and dashboards through which they can monitor their sales and keep steady eyes on their inventory, which ensures that their stocks are always full, and in return, yours too.

Your concern is ours and your trust in us is ours to keep. To get hired, the drivers will have to log in to their dashboard and have their background thoroughly checked. Only after specific clearance, they will be hired. Trustworthy and skilled drivers make up our catalogue, so we assure you the best shop-from-home experience.

We are proud to be able to give you an amazing and unique shopping experience, specifically designed for you.

Our Mission is to empower you to spend more time with your family.

Our Vision focuses on building best value software technology for customers ease.